Legionella Risk Assessments

Save time and money by automating your Legionella Risk Assessments

Manual creation and storage of Legionella inspection documentation is a significant burden to the Water Management Industry.

A great deal of time, effort and cost is consumed by your field inspectors manually filling out paper forms, taking pictures on cameras and dictating recommendations with even more time spent back at base formatting records, re-keying data, creating reports and revisiting the site due to missed or lost site information – expensive time that could be used in more productive activities.

The growth and spread of legionella is maintenance preventable, so adopting an efficient and repeatable legionella risk assessment process is recommended.

Velappity is a mobile risk assessment & inspection app that eliminates the need for paper-based forms and associated administrative overheads. Designed to allow you to carry out your legionella risk assessments & inspections for small, medium or large organisations for your own internal compliance or as a service to your customers.

Velappity will benefit your organisation in the following ways:



Mobile digital capture forms and automatic report creation will increase the efficiency and productivity of your legionella risk assessment & inspection process, and reduce cost, minimise time wasted and risk of human error due to manual document creation.


Your Documents

Based on your own risk assessment & inspection forms, the document that is created by Velappity is an exact replica of the document you have taken years to design.

Easy To Use

Structured to gather the information you need with the optimal question type, including open text, drop down, check box and voice to text controls.  Photographs and signatures are taken and automatically embedded in the report.


Inspection can be carried out while completely off-line so no live internet connection needed.


The use of best text possible, mandatory question, and flexible question types will make the output document as complete and comprehensive as possible, while still allowing for editing after the inspection has been completed.

Report Storage

Each and every report, is stored in a searchable database which will allow fast and simple recovery of any document you and your client will need, 24/7!

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